Green Spaces

The Carillon in Byrd Park was built to honor the soldiers of WWI.

As a 20th Century urban neighborhood, The Fan District was designed with a balance of public and private spaces in close proximity to one another.  Designed prior to the advent of the automobile and when the populous was largely dependent upon mass transit, having public parks close to the residential districts was important to civic happiness.

Within the Fan, Lombardy and Meadow Parks are the two most notable and visible green spaces.  Known for their trianglar shapes, both Lombardy and Meadow park are oft used by the families close by and act in many ways as the playgrounds of the Fan.

Nearby, several impressive and expansive green spaces are available to the residents of Richmond:

Lombardy Park is located in the Lower Fan at the intersection of Hanover and Park Avenues.

  • Maymont // A 100 acre estate along the River and the Boulevard with stunning gardens, zoo and historic home and stable.  Maymont is a popular place for weddings and other events.  The zoo is also popular with the youngest of residents in the region.
  • Byrd Park // Nearly 300 acres situated on the eastern edge of the Boulevard adjacent to Maymont.  Known for its 3 lakes, Byrd Park was built in the early 1900’s as part of the reservoir project.
  • The Hollywood Cemetery // Located along the James River and on the west edge of Oregon Hill, The Hollywood Cemetery is an absolute civic treasure.  As the final resting places of multiple American Presidents, numerous Civil War figures and countless other Richmond natives, Hollywood Cemetery is one of the most historic places in not only Richmond, but in the US.
  • James River Park System // Richmond, Virginia is the only city in the US with Class IV rapids within its borders.  Having an urban core by such a dynamic resource as the James makes the River-City relationship both unique and powerful.  The JRPS has multiple entry points on both banks of the River and provides Richmond’s residents access to swimming, hiking, boating, fishing or sightseeing.