• Hanover Avenue

    Other than Monument Avenue, Hanover Avenue consistently provides its owners with some of the highest home values of any of the avenues within the Fan District. It originates at the intersection with Park Avenue at Lombardy Park and Hanover's run (within the Fan) ends at the Boulevard looking … [Continue Reading]

    Hanover Avenue
  • Multi Family

    The large majority of multi-family apartment buildings in Richmond's Fan District take on two basic forms.  Duplexes and triplexes, barely distinguishable (intentionally) from the adjacent single family homes provide a more formal rental option and 3-story walk-up buildings comprised of either … [Continue Reading]

    Multi Family
  • Floyd Avenue

    Floyd Avenue forms the southern border of the primary residential section of the Fan District. Serving as a transition from the commercial Main/Cary Street corridor, Floyd Avenue homes tend to be smaller and less grand than those along Grove, Stuart and Hanover. Floyd Avenue, despite its … [Continue Reading]

    Floyd Avenue
  • Monument Avenue

    Monument Avenue (including a small stretch of West Franklin) is unquestionably the most recognizable avenue in Richmond as well as much of the South. From the notable cobblestone streets that identify your arrival to the famed monuments of those that shaped history to the unrivalled collection … [Continue Reading]

    Monument Avenue
  • Cary and Main

    Main Street and Cary Street are located on the southern border of the Fan District and provide the Fan District with much of its commercial enterprise. Main Street carries traffic west (one way) and is notable for its pastel colored buildings on the western edge of VCU (in the Uptown … [Continue Reading]

    Cary and Main
  • Grove Avenue

    Grove Avenue, one of the main east/west arterials, begins just east of Harrison Street on the edge of the VCU campus and runs the entire length of the Fan District. Grove Avenue also continues westward through the Museum District (and through the West End) and perhaps more than any other Fan … [Continue Reading]

    Grove Avenue
  • The Entire Fan

    Below you will find all of the homes currently listed in MLS for the Fan District in Richmond.  If you wish to have the homes broken down into smaller searches, then you may find the pages that break down the Fan by the larger avenues (Hanover, Stuart, Grove, Floyd, West Grace, Park or … [Continue Reading]

    The Entire Fan
  • West Avenue

    West Avenue, located in the lower Fan between Park and Monument/West Franklin, is a short 6-block stretch that is effectively a ‘neighborhood within a neighborhood’ in its relationship with the Fan. West Avenue is known for being an incredibly tight knit and somewhat insular section of the … [Continue Reading]

    West Avenue
  • West Grace Street

    West Grace Street serves as the northernmost buffer of the Fan's residential section as it separates the highly commercial Broad Street from the rest of the district. West Grace, located between Broad Street and Monument Avenue, is as visually attractive as any street in the Fan District … [Continue Reading]

    West Grace Street
  • Park Avenue

    Park Avenue begins at Harrison Street (eastern border with VCU) and winds along the northern edge of The Fan somewhat haphazardly (and often broken) to the Henrico border.  Its path in the Fan District is winding and more narrow than many streets and it changes its feel as it moves … [Continue Reading]

    Park Avenue
  • Citizen 6 on Floyd Avenue

    The Citizen 6 Project along Floyd Avenue is coming soon. Expected delivery of homes to occur towards the end of 2014. … [Continue Reading]

    Citizen 6 on Floyd Avenue
  • Stuart Avenue

    Stuart Avenue in Richmond’s Fan District originates just east of Meadow Park and continues west to its end near the University of Richmond campus. Stuart is cut by the museums on the Boulevard which helps to decrease thru traffic. With its origin west of Lombardy, all of Stuart is in the Upper … [Continue Reading]

    Stuart Avenue
  • Kensington Avenue

    Kensington Avenue is probably best known for its stretches in the Museum District and West End rather than within the Fan. Kensington begins well west in the Upper Fan at its intersection with Stafford and runs only 4 blocks before entering the Museum District. The proximity that Kensington … [Continue Reading]

    Kensington Avenue

Real Estate and Richmond, Virginia’s Fan District

Monument3.jpgArguably Richmond's most important neighborhood, The Fan is an early 20th century urban neighborhood located just west of Downtown. Largely built prior to the advent of the automobile, The Fan is easily the most walkable and culturally engaging neighborhood in Richmond.
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